Job Profile

Role: Co-opted Independent Committee Member

Responsible to: Chair

Term: A maximum of 3 x 3-year terms, with annual appraisal review

Time commitment: 1 day per month

Remuneration: £2,500 per annum

Summary of Role:

To share responsibility for Committee decisions to determine the strategic direction and policies of Bron Afon, preparing, attending and participating at meetings, including Committees and Training and Development events, and acting in the interests of Bron Afon to ensure the Committee effectively achieves its objectives, accepting accountability and the concept and reality of collective responsibility.


  • Be committed to Bron Afon’s values and strategic objectives, acting at all times in the best interests of the organisation as required by the adopted Code of Governance
  • Work with the highest degree of integrity and within the Code of Conduct
  • Able to show strategic leadership to help deliver Bron Afon’s objectives
  • Take joint responsibility for Committee decisions
  • Take responsibility for own performance and personal development
  • Ensure attendance at, and preparation for, all meetings and events
  • Contribute strategically and constructively to debate and decision making
  • Work collaboratively as part of the Committee and build strong relationships with colleagues
  • Contribute to setting risk appetite and ensuring effective risk management
  • Apply individual skills and experience to Committee business
  • Act as a role model and ambassador for Bron Afon.

Experience, Skills and Competencies:

Experience in either of the following:

Candidates are sought to support the work and activity on our People and Governance; Assurance; or Service and Performance Committees. We are seeking individuals who have the necessary skills and expertise to make an active and valuable contribution to various aspects of our business governance arrangements including:

  • Financial Management
  • Audit; Risk; and Assurance
  • Governance – Structures; Frameworks; and Processes
  • Customer Experience – tenant voice, involvement and engagement, consultation, community partnerships etc.
  • Organisational Development - Workforce Planning; Remuneration Agile Working; Recruitment; Appraisal etc.
  • Property – Maintenance; Landlord Compliance etc.
  • Development.

Ability to:

  • Be principled, ethical and work with the highest of integrity
  • Inspire belief in the vision, values and objectives of Bron Afon
  • Organise and prioritise workloads
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues
  • Consider evidence and views and use this information to make decisions
  • Understand, analyse and draw conclusions from financial and other complex data
  • Identify risks, set risk appetite and ensure effective risk management
  • Manage performance to deliver economy, effectiveness and efficiency, in the context of overall value for money.

An understanding of:

  • The operating environment in which Bron Afon functions
  • Social housing and its management
  • Effective and compliant governance and regulation.

Performance Measures:

  • Annual Performance Review
  • External observation of committee.

Bron Afon’s Real Values:

Our values are important to us and guide how we work. They were developed with our members, staff

and partners. You won’t just see them on our walls and website. You will feel them whenever you are involved with us. They will help make sure our decisions are the right ones. They are REAL.

Respect: We value everyone, and treat all fairly, politely, with dignity and respect.

Engage: We are proud to be owned by the community. We support and involve others in shaping what we do to make lives better.

Ambition: We bring passion, creativity and commitment to what we do and want to be the best. We take pride in our work and celebrate successes.

Listen: We listen to understand what’s important. We are caring, responsive and open to change and improvement.